You will be proudly awarded

Certificate II in agriculture

Use diverse tools to interpret & communicate oral, written media to appropriate audiences

Aim of the college

VAC aims to train learners to
become active participants in the development of
Vanuatu by focusing all qualifications and coursework
on the economic, social and environmental needs of
the agricultural sector.

What to bring

 Students must bring the following,
bush knife, file, working clothes (over-all & gloves), a
bucket, laptop, bedding, plate, cup, spoon & other
personal affects you may wish to bring. These items
must be brought from home or bought in Santo or Vila
then brought to school. The School will provide
mattresses only. There are storage facilities in the
dorms for personal belongings

Certificate II in Forestry (Forest Operation)

Work with others, share team values while taking individual responsibility.  Reflect, reason, problem solve using appropriate information & learn from experience

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